If you are working on a new brochure, report, press release, advert or website, then it is vitally important to get the words just right. Don’t let flawed writing detract from your professional image. I’ll rework your marketing copy for maximum impact and minimum error.

Do you need to condense stacks of information into a coherent, well-organised piece of writing? Or perhaps you’re struggling to move beyond the first draft of your press release? If you need someone to make sense of the information you’ve already got, The Copy Editor will make your words engage, inspire and inform your target audience. As a copywriter I’m not going to mastermind your global ad campaign (though I’ll try anything once), but I will provide you with good solid copy that tells a story, has a nicely crafted turn of phrase and that, most importantly, fits the medium you require. Having worked in magazine publishing for the last decade and a half, my job has been to ensure the reader keeps reading, and therefore buying, the publication. The same applies to your marketing material.

You know your business best, and you’ve written your marketing material so that the ideas are all in place. But if you feel your copy needs to work harder for you, I can fine-tune it to ensure your message is as succinct and striking as possible. It goes without saying that I’ll make sure your text is clear of all spelling, grammatical, punctuation and style errors. Your focus is the big picture, so leave the fiddly details to me. I’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s (or dot the Is and cross the Ts – depending on whether you prefer the BBC or Guardian Style Guide).

When you’ve read the same words over and over again, errors can become increasingly difficult to spot. Minimise the possibility of these mistakes getting through by letting The Copy Editor act as quality control. I’ll check your documents for potentially costly (and also embarrassing) slip-ups before you go to print, or your website goes live.