In a climate where publishing companies are cutting staff and freelance budgets to stay afloat, there’s no need to sacrifice quality of product. Don’t pay for a whole week of freelance cover if you don’t have a whole week’s work. Save time and money by outsourcing overflow workload to The Copy Editor.

If it’s one of those weeks where everything is running behind schedule and you’re drowning in a sea of job bags, get in touch. I absorb work that cannot be processed in-house, and work as flexibly as you need – on an occasional or regular basis. I’ll take on pretty much anything, from single features to entire magazines. Consumer, customer or B2B, I’ll adapt to the style, tone and needs of your publication. Even at short notice, I’ll do my best to help lighten the load.

Does your content need the kiss of life or just a light polish? Either way, I will ensure that your text is concise, organised and ready to be designed. If you have great material that lacks fluency, then I’ll rewrite and restructure. If the copy simply needs checking, I’ll make sure that it is factually and grammatically correct, adheres to your house style, and is legally watertight. All changes are tracked on Word. Any ambiguities, inconsistencies or queries will be listed separately.

I can work in either CS5, CS6 or CC 2017. All files and fonts can simply be emailed, put into Dropbox or sent via WeTransfer. Depending on the level of sub-editing you require, I can: check facts, rework copy, write captions, standfirsts and headlines, cut to fit, tidy grammar and spelling, and proofread, so that the layout is print-ready. When I have finished with the file, I’ll re-upload ready for your final checks.

The Copy Editor is a fresh pair of eyes at the final stage. I’ll check your work for errors before you go to print and send you the corrections via annotated PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Alternatively, as page printouts marked up using standard proofreading symbols. I can deliver these however you prefer – scanned and emailed as PDFs or sent via snail mail.